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In the 1960's most of the prominent film studios in Pakistan were located in Karachi. Though the film-industry has been moved to Lahore a.k.a Lollywood, the people of Karachi still love to watch movies. Now days, many of the old cinema halls and theatres have been converted into shopping malls or apartment blocks. Still there are plenty of cinema halls in the city that screen movies on a regular basis. Most of the cinema venues offer a variety of Pashto, Punjabi and Urdu language films as well as the usual Hollywood & Bollywood blockbusters and the other international productions.

Some of movie theatres in Karachi are listed below:

Bambino CinemaCapri Cinema
Jubilee CinemaImperial Cinema
Lalazar CinemaLyric Cinema
Mehtab CinemaMetro Cinema
Musarrat CinemaNairung Cinema
Nishat CinemaNargis Cinema
Naseem CinemaNovelty Cinema
Prince CinemaReno Cinema
Ritz TheatreShabana Cinema
Universe CineplexVenus Cinema
Shabnam CinemaLyric 2 Cinema
Afshan CinemaNasheman Cinema


National Academy of Performing Arts

The National Academy of Performing Arts at the Hindu Gymkhana is located at M. R. Kiyani Road opposite the Arts Council in Karachi. This academy is an institution established to conserve and teach performing arts and music to the students in Pakistan.

The All Pakistan Music Conference organizes the annual festival at the venue. It offers seminars and performances of classical and folk music and dances too. This festival is a grand celebration of music that offers performances of some great maestros.

The host of this Academy, Hindu Gymkhana was constructed in 1925 and it covers an area around 47,000 sq. yards. It is one of the major tourist attractions of the city. The Hindu Gymkhana has sub-continental style of architecture derived from the Mughal-Hindu mixed style.