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Karachi, A business hub; A City of light is situated in the southern part of Pakistan.  Apart from a business centre, this city offers a wide range of attractions for visitors from the beaches to British styled buildings. It also encloses a prosperous market that offers a variety of famous items especially on the streets of Saddar and Tariq Road.  This city is famous for Pakistani  cuisine,  not only in the urban areas but also on the highways. Overall, this is a city full of attractions, food hubs, and marketplaces all in one place.


On average tipping is included in the bills as a service charge, so it is not mandatory. It could vary from 5 to 10% depending upon restaurants. However, if you receive exceptionally good service then in the form of appreciation, staff members do expect a little extra tip.  Tipping is expected at restaurants and by cab drivers. In a local language, it is known as baksheesh.


The safety of tourists becomes a major concern in this city as the crime rate is quite high. Due to a history of violent crimes, it becomes necessary to take precautions while travelling so that tourists don’t become an easy target.  It is always better to travel by taxi instead of public transportation in the city. The dressing should be kept conservative and adopt local dress customs to avoid the attraction of natives. Evade dangerous areas and narrow streets at night.


It is always necessary to ask before lighting up cigarettes as smoking is banned by the government. Even if the law is not strictly followed, it's better to be safe. Smokers are easily seen on public transportation and there is no strict heavy charge levied.  Due to the increasing number of smokers, it becomes necessary to enforce the rule more rigidly and arrange campaigns to educate people on the side effects of smoking.

City Transport

Taxi and private cars are the best options for transportation. A bus system is not maintained properly and is over-crowded in the peak hours. So it is always better to rely on taxis or on private transportation. It is necessary to check whether taximeters are working properly or else negotiate on the fares before setting off to the particular destination. Precautions should be taken while driving on the main roads and it is necessary to drive on the left side of the road.  Roads are in better conditions now and few improvements like signal-free underpasses, railways, and expressways help to move traffic smoothly.

When to Travel

The best time to visit this city is at any point in time of the year due to its warm climate. Normally temperature is quite high in the summer season and mainly due to high humidity. To an extent, it can be quite sweltering in the daytime. So normally, tourists prefer to visit this city during late winter or early spring when the climate is cool and pleasant. Rainfall is from the month of July to September.